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Micro-sites are where you find many small fossil fragments or fossils from small plants and animals.


During the Cretaceous Period there were lots of animals that lived with the dinosaurs. These animals often include turtles, crocodiles, small mammals and fish. However micro-sites not only include body parts from these animals but also similar sized fossil fragments from dinosaurs. Quite often we find fragments from dinosaurs like triceratops, T. rex, various raptors, duckbills and the elusive Paranychodon, which has only been identified by its teeth!


Micro-sites form where rivers carrying material slows down as it rounds a bend, runs into a larger body of water or moves around a large obstacle like a tree or even a dead dinosaur. As the water slows down it deposits material that has roughly the same weight in that location. The material is buried, over time is fossilized and eventually erosion uncovers the site for us.


To find micro-site fossils you have to be very patient and develop keen eyes for identifying shapes. Micro-sites are called micro for a are finding very small fossils or fossil fragments. Some of the micro-site fossils we find will fit on the tip of a pen!

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