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Paleo X


Set your inner paleontologist free! Paleo X is the complete eXperience for those wanting to enjoy the thrill of eXploration in the badlands and the eXcitement of discovering real dinosaur fossils. But it is more than just finding and working on fossils with professional paleontologists and experienced field staff. You will be immersed in the paleontology, geology and history of the Montana badlands. Whether you are interested in a fun learning vacation, a hardcore paleontology field experience or an educator professional development opportunity there is a Paleo X field experience for you.  

Adult Adventures

Experience paleontology firsthand while exploring the badlands of Montana. Join our field staff and professional paleontologists as we explore the world of the dinosaurs, find and identify fossils from the Cretaceous Period of the Mesozoic. This region is famous for its paleontology history and is where the majority of Tyrannosaurus rex specimens have been found.


Single week and multiple week options are available! Adults and youth 16 and older welcome.







Family Adventure Days

Bring the entire family on an adventure-vacation this summer! Your family can build unforgettable memories in the badlands finding and excavating dinosaur fossils and fossils from animals that lived with the dinosaurs.


Single day and multiple day options are available! Families with children 8 and older welcome. Our experiences are designed to families to enjoy the badlands together. Parents are expected to supervise their children at all times. 








Field School

Designed for high school Juniors and Seniors interested in careers in geology or paleontology, our Paleo X field school provides an in-depth exploration of the sciences that study Earth and prehistory life. During the week you will not only help in finding and excavating fossils from the Cretaceous but also investigate geologic topics of stratigraphy, erosion, fossilization, geologic time and more.


This program is intended for students entering their Freshman, Junior and Senior years of high school and those who have graduated but have not yet started college.




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